December 2019
Accountability in Action
Accountability - be it downwards, upwards or mutual - has in recent years become a commonly cited principle in both development and humanitarian aid. Especially when applying a human rights-based approach, it is pertinent that rights holders can hold the duty bearers to account. Still, making powerful actors and elites answerable and responsive to the needs and aspirations of the poorest and most socially excluded people is challenging. This issue of Highlights offers the reader a better understanding of the accountability principle. It showcases the country projects of Helvetas as examples on how accountability is put into action with the view to fight corruption and social injustice, so as to strengthen leadership and improve provision of basic services such as water, health and education.
Human rights and development, both promote well-being and freedom, based on dignity and equality among people. Helvetas integrates both and anchors its development policies and strategies in the human rights framework. Learn more about the approach.
As accountability shifts towards the people concerned, Helvetas emphasizes on downward accountability, which must be implemented in the working areas. Read more. Read more.
Helvetas focuses its interventions
on strengthening the direct accountability relationship between the people and the states. This implies working on social and political power relations and issues of trust and legitimacy. Click here to read the whole publication.

Often, water crises are due to governance failures, not resource scarcity. The Multi Country Water Integrity Program fights corruption and mismanagement with interventions that promote transparent and accountable decision-making. Click here for interesting examples.
Mark your calendars and meet us
Regula Gattiker of Helvetas, will present Helvetas' open history project (Myanmar) at ZhdK's event on the risks and potential of art in difficult contexts. Learn more about this event.
Meet Regula Gattiker and Nadja Buser at this Helvetas event at Naturama in Aarau. A movie featuring Bosnian artist Šejla Kamerić will be displayed, followed by a dicussion regarding satisfaction in times of war and conflict.
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